Sarah’s Soundings: December 2018


I am writing this at the end of November with Christmas very definitely on the horizon. Christmas involves a lot of preparation – at home and in church too. But before Christmas we have Advent. ‘Advent’ means ‘coming’- it’s a time in the church’s year for preparation and for waiting and for looking forward- not only to the celebrations of Christmas but to the things those celebrations are all about: Jesus, God’s son coming into the world.

The idea that God might come into the world and sort everything out is very attractive, never more so than in troubled and troubling. Jesus’ own people certainly shared such a hope, living under the threatening rule of the Romans. And we too long for what’s wrong to be put right; for someone, for God to intervene.

But at the end of our Advent there is not, it turns out, a dramatic intervention, but something much quieter. Instead we have a family on the move, a new baby, curious visitors: on the face of it nothing at all out of the ordinary. But in these quiet events, in these stories we encounter a very big idea about God. God does come into the world. God is interested and concerned for humanity. But at Christmas God shows this not by doing something dramatic to put things right: but by sharing our humanity, our vulnerability, being with us.

So I wish you peace and happiness this Christmas and invite you warmly to celebrate with us the God who is with us always


With Best Wishes Revd Sarah

All Saints’ Church

God Be With You - Anon

May God be with you today,

To surround you on all sides with his love.

May Jesus be with you today,

To accompany you wherever you go.

May the spirit be with you today,

to fill you with love, joy and hope for the future.

May Father, Son and Spirit be with you

today, tomorrow and always.


A Blessing, based on Matthew 28:20 :

"Behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age"