Letter from Sarah Farrimond:: July 2018

Dear Friends,

I am writing this coming back from a wonderful fortnight’s holiday, mainly in France. We had a lovely time with plenty of rest as well as walking and exploring new and interesting places. These included some pretty amazing churches.

Some were famous buildings: the tallest, the biggest, the oldest the first example of something important. Others places where famous people had preached or played the organ or been a part of the congregation. Others were small churches in villages. I honestly couldn’t choose a favourite, but something I really appreciated was where they were left open: so that visitors could go in, explore them and sit quietly, experience the atmosphere of a place where God has been worshipped for centuries, say a prayer.

The fact that All Saints’ is kept open is something that I really value. Its nice for people to be able to go in freely, but more than that, it says something important too. I reckon it says something important about hospitality: being open is one clear way of saying ‘welcome, come in, this is for you’. It also says something about who a church belongs to. Keeping a church open can be a way of breaking down the boundary between ‘insiders’ and ‘outsiders’ and as a parish church we are there for the whole community. Our buildings are a part of our outreach.

And of course our building is much in our minds at the moment. We have significant work that needs doing on our roof and spire. We all need to work hard together to raise the money for the repairs that need doing. This presents a challenge, but also an opportunity. It reminds us how important our building is: for us and for the community as a whole. It gives us a chance to think about how we use our beautiful building for the benefit of all. And working together to face these challenges we have a chance to deepen our relationships as we seek to serve God and build his Kingdom here in Clayton West.

Let’s get started.’


All Saints’ Church


Lord, when we are puzzled, uncertain,

help us to remember you're in control.

Your finger on the button.

And, whether we can see the end ot not, help us to accept

that you know where we are going.




(Prayer attributed to Eddie Askew - pre 2008)