Sarah’s Soundings for February

The new year is now well underway and the new church year (which began on Advent Sunday) a bit more established yet. As winter continues, we look for signs of spring, though these might be some time coming. In church, after all the activity over Christmas there is bit of a pause: time to draw breath before everything kicks off again in Lent and over the great festival of Easter.

But Lent shouldn’t just be a matter of arduous busy-ness. Anything we might do in Lent is for a particular purpose. It’s traditionally a time of fasting and of penance: of reflecting on our lives and turning our attention to God. It lasts for 46 days (40 days plus Sundays) mirroring Jesus’ fast and was in the very early years of the Church a time when new believers prepared for their baptism and confirmation, which used to take place at Easter.

Even now Lent is a time for taking new steps in faith. This Lent might be a time when you think about confirmation or about exploring a new area of Christian service. If you feel drawn in that direction why not speak to me or to Kate?

May God bless you


Best Wishes Sarah

All Saints’ Church


Prayer for Ash Wednesday

Stepping from the brightness of Epiphany

I enter an unfamiliar place called “Lent”.

My eyes are slow to adjust to the change,

I blink back tears and stand still wondering

If my eyes are open or closed,

for nothing visible lies before me.


My senses tell me there are objects ahead—prized places, sacred spaces.

There is no sense of urgency; time has fallen away leaving

forty days and forty nights

to explore this unknown, yet somehow familiar place;

touching, feeling, knowing holy moments.        

Mrs Gretchen Olheiser


OUR SPIRE AND ROOF FUNDING: A note to the Community from The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’, Clayton West

We have been very fortunate in achieving monies from the above TRUST and GRANT bodies. Some monies from them have been banked into our savings account; other monies cannot be claimed until we have done some of the work or need to have been claimed by a particular date.

We would like to thank all who are continuing to support us through your donations and our local fund raising activities ; along with our own church savings we are in a position to begin part of the work, namely on the spire, the guttering along the south side of the church and the slates on the low south side of the building.

We have engaged the architect to tender for the work; we need to check out the workmanship of the firm(s) who have tendered and then appoint one to complete that work. We are hoping that work will start soon with a flurry of activity.

With many thanks for all the community interest being shown in this continuing project

Members of the PCC