Sarah’s Soundings: January 2019


By the time you read this Christmas will be over, pretty much – we’ll be back at work and the shops will be starting to think about the next big thing.

In the life of the church it is not quite the same – Christmas goes on for a good bit longer one way or another.

I am sure we have all heard memories of a time when trees went up on Christmas Eve, when Christmas started on Christmas day: the 12 day feast after a month long fast.

Though it is not quite like that now – it is worth remembering that Christmas does extend into the new year – in our worship in church we continue to celebrate the birth of God’s son through the Christmas season and into Epiphany (when we celebrate the visit of the Magi - or wise men- to the Christ Child).

And this is not only about worship in church. The message of Christmas – that God has come to earth to live among us, that God’s love is for all people, that God desires peace on earth – is for everyday and throughout the year.

This comes with my prayers and best wishes for 2019.

Rev Sarah

All Saints’ Church

Prayer for January

Lord Jesus may your light shine our way,

as it once guided the steps of the Magi:

that we too may be led into your presence and worship you,

the Child of Mary,

the Word of the Father,

the King of nations,

the Saviour of mankind;

to whom be glory for ever. Amen

Frank Colquhoun