Sarah’s Soundings for March

Winter is drawing to a close. Spring is not really here – not even for those of us who have not suffered in the appalling floods that have faced so many people.

In the church year, Christmas is behind us and Easter is far ahead. It is time for Lent: the season for fasting and preparation. Lent lasts for forty days. Forty days mirror the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness following his baptism before his working of preaching and teaching and healing began. Forty days also stand as a reminder of the forty years that God’s people wandered in the desert after escaping slavery in Egypt. Both of these periods of time were difficult, dangerous and painful: this is what we tend to remember. But they were also times of preparation, times to think things through. In the desert the Jews worked out what it meant to be God’s people. In the wilderness Jesus struggling with all that he was called to be and do.

Lent began in very much this way: as a season of preparation for people thinking about becoming Christians and being baptized, which took place most often at Easter. The season of Lent originally varied in length, but around 400 AD forty days became the norm, for reasons mentioned just now. The forty days does not include Sundays, which were thought to be days for fasting. So Lent lasts for 40 days plus the six Sundays in it.

As we think how to mark Lent this year consider giving up something and also consider taking up something: come to different things that have been planned: all aimed to turn our attention and our hearts and minds towards God, to become increasingly the people he wants us to be.

With my best wishes and prayers

Sarah Farrimond

All Saints’ Church


 Prayer for Lent

God of compassion,

through your Son Jesus Christ

You have reconciled you people to yourself.

as we follow your example of prayer and fasting, 

may we obey you with willing hearts

and serve one another in holy love;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



OUR SPIRE AND ROOF FUNDING: A note to the Community from The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’, Clayton West

We have been very fortunate in achieving monies from the above TRUST and GRANT bodies. Some monies from them have been banked into our savings account; other monies cannot be claimed until we have done some of the work or need to have been claimed by a particular date.

We would like to thank all who are continuing to support us through your donations and our local fund raising activities ; along with our own church savings we are in a position to begin part of the work, namely on the spire, the guttering along the south side of the church and the slates on the low south side of the building.

We have engaged the architect to tender for the work; we need to check out the workmanship of the firm(s) who have tendered and then appoint one to complete that work. We are hoping that work will start soon with a flurry of activity.

With many thanks for all the community interest being shown in this continuing project

Members of the PCC